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Pope denounces "economic colonialism" during visit to DRC.

A related quote from a former Key Thinker of the P&S Spec

Upcoming and very topical workshops from @gapireland

Tuesday 21st February: Effective whole-school action projects

Tuesday 28th March: Degrowth

Starting 2nd March: 4-week course on GCE and climate action

Fantastic presentation from Joe Mac Bride at first @POLSOCTeachers talk of the year- great insights. Big turnout on a Monday evening indicates huge commitment to the subject from teachers.

Interesting livestream tomorrow 31st Jan with Kenan Malik on his new book Not So Black and White. Tickets below
@guardianlive @kenanmalik

Differing views in today. Useful for class discussion.
Lynn Ruane : "Many now seem comfortable asserting a hierarchy of who is worthy of protection"
Micheál Martin :
"There is a difference between what is happening in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world.

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