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So, I've added the 'Useful Podcast for Students' to the bottom of the Key Thinker Notes page as a 'Google Doc', but the formatting is all screwy. I don't use Google Docs, so some kind soul might be able to reformat the editing more easily & quickly. HELP!

Politics & Society teacher, Grainne McKeever, has shared her series of podcasts with an accompanying resource pack. She hopes the pack will inspire some future philosophers, whether in the fields of law, politics, sociology, economics, anthropology...

Teachers and educators! Let us know how we can support your work as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to have widespread effects on schools and communities @WorldWise_Irl @POLSOCTeachers @LASCDublin @concernactive @ScoilnetPPrim @Ubuntu_Network @IDEAIreland

Interesting initiative from this group of students. Check out their proposal and let us know what you think.

Make your life slightly easier when preparing your "Children's Rights" essay by watching my latest video. Lots of additional resources available on the website notes page...

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