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"We have seen that the children who have been born in Ireland, have grown up here and have known no other home but here, are effectively stateless if they do not have Irish citizenship..."

The last webinar of the academic year!
Next Wednesday 21st April at 7pm - Ger Elwood @PolSocMaynooth author of Theories in Action will be sharing his expertise about key thinkers and all things Politics & Society.

Register by mailing for the link

Many thanks to @CullotyEileen for her excellent talk on influencers and the grey areas around regulation.
So many interesting topics covered for the citizenship project 2022 topic 1 and 2.6.

#SustainableDevelopment #SDG12

Analysis: as online shopping grows, we need to remember that it takes a tree over a month to absorb the carbon emissions of an express delivery.

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