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I have seen the SDGs graphics on many school walls... but I have never seen the Convention on the Rights of Children. It could be so powerful to remind children of their rights and all other children around the world. Better graphic on link and full text

Politics & Society teacher wanted in the north #Kildare area.

Tuition required for 5th Year student currently studying the subject in his school.

DM if interested, please RT @POLSOCTeachers

Key Thinker 3/17: Kathleen Lynch

On wealth Inequality in Ireland:

Richest 10% own 82% of all land

Gross wealth of poorest 10% (on average) = €35,000
Gross wealth of wealthiest 10% (on average) = €1.932 million

Source:CSO & Revenue Commissioner/Household finance survey 2018

Of the many articles on today's anniversary of invasion of Iraq, this seems the most erudite:
The video of @ChrisLynnHedges telling a hostile crowd how the invasion will unfold is mesmerising, important and incredibly prophetic.

20 years today US/UK launched illegal invasion of Iraq with 1 million deaths
36 million protested against it
Julian Assange who told the truth about these war crimes lies in jail
Bush & Blair walk as free men
“Neutral”Ireland facilitated the invasion by allowing use of Shannon

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