For the last three years Mustard Seed Ireland has been running the Children for Children Volunteer Programme which has seen in excess of 200 Irish volunteers fundraise and travel to Mustard Seed Communities in Jamaica to see first hand the work that is carried out and to see where the funds are needed and used.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has put a stop to all volunteer travel in 2020 so the Programme is suspended for now.

Our youth volunteers are such an integral part of what we do and we want to continue to work with them to raise awareness and to be the voices for Mustard Seed in Ireland.

The Dare to Care Programme is an exploration of Global Citizenship. Through a series of workshops students will come to appreciate their position as Global Citizens and learn how to use their voice to effect change and to create the kind of world that they would like to live in.

As well as that, participation and fundraising through our Marathons for Mustard Seed challenge will allow the students to make tangible contributions to the work of Mustard Seed that will give them a sense of personal fulfilment that will hopefully last a lifetime.

How Does it Work?

The workshops will be delivered in your school or online by Mustard Seed Ireland. Our trainers are fully Garda vetted and we have full public liability insurance.

We will come to your school or your screens each week and the workshops can be delivered over a double or triple class period depending on what suits your schedule.

The Fundraising

Each participant will be invited to participate in the Marathons for Mustard Seed Challenge.
#M4MSC sees participants complete a marathon – 42 kms (or any distance)  by running, walking, swimming, scooting, hopping in 7 days and raising €200 in sponsorship.

This can be completed in a group or as individuals and it is an opportunity for participants to use what they have learnt about Global Citizenship and put it into action through talking to people about Mustard Seed Communities and making a tangible contribution.

There is no cost to the school for the delivery of this programme.

For more information please contact Máire Toomey or 087 962 3158